Introduction to Organizational Change Management (OCM)

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What is Change Management?

ACMP defines change management as the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organization from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits. (See the ACMP Standard for Change Management©, page 9)

Value of Change Management

Change Management provides approaches, tools, and techniques that empower an organization to successfully achieve a desired future state. By integrating with other disciplines like strategic planning, project management, organizational development and process improvement, Change Management provides value by enabling people to adopt the change and operate in the future state. The more seamless the transition is for an organizations’ people, the more effectively and efficiently the organization will be in achieving the benefits of the desired future state.

Change Management as a Profession

A profession arises when any trade or occupation transforms itself through the development of formal qualifications based upon education and examinations, enabling the emergence of a regulatory body with the authority to admit members and hold them accountable to a code of ethics and professional conduct. ACMP has worked to advance change management as a profession through the publication of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct™, the Standard for Change Management©, and the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Program.

ACMP views Change Management Professionals as an inclusive community of any individuals who:

  •  Provide direct Change Management services to an organization as a primary focal point of their role or career; or
  •  Utilize Change Management tools and techniques to support the effectiveness of other disciplines (e.g., executive management, program management, HR management, process improvement, etc.); or
  •  Advance the discipline of Change Management through study, research and teaching within an educational organization.

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