IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF)

The IT-CMF is an integrated management framework and set of tools for designing, deploying, and operating information systems to deliver sustainable business value and innovation.

It incorporates a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers thirty-six critical IT management capabilities that enable practitioners to measure the maturity of different levels of management efficiency and effectiveness. It also has a portfolio of certified training and accreditation, tools and templates, and a comprehensive Capability Improvement Programme
that enables practitioners to professionalize their entire approach to IT management.

IT-CMF is explicitly designed to cover the full range of IT capabilities that are required to deliver agility, innovation, and value for the organization. And it is also flexibly designed to allow new capabilities to be captured, represented, and integrated as they emerge.

Organizations that are good at managing their IT capabilities perform better as businesses, but many organizations struggle to manage their IT capabilities in a coherent, systematic, or focused way. One of the fundamental values of IT-CMF is that it enables decision-makers to identify and develop the particular IT capabilities they need in order to deliver agility, innovation, and value to their organization.

The Unique and Comprehensive Scope of IT-CMF

Of course, there are other IT management tools that cover individual domains, that specialize in particular niche areas, or that focus on certain known IT management deficits. The fact that there are so many tools, however, makes it even more difficult for organizations to choose
the ones that are appropriate to their needs and then to integrate them effectively. IT-CMF, by contrast, offers comprehensive coverage of the full range of defined IT-related capabilities, and is flexible enough to accommodate new capabilities as they emerge. It also has the
very considerable advantage of offering a clear and common language for defining levels of maturity and for identifying ways in which deficits might be addressed.

IT-CMF aims for comprehensive coverage of the components (Critical Capabilities) needed by those responsible for managing the IT function in an organization. It leverages the concept of dynamic capabilities that can be reconfigured as required to meet changing circumstances and
strategies. It provides a portfolio of options from which IT leaders and professionals can design an improvement programme that is uniquely suited to their particular IT capability needs and
their business environment.

IT-CMF builds on the maturity model conceptualization adopted by the Software Engineering Institute for the Software CMM model, but as well as focusing on process and capability maturity, IT-CMF also focuses on outcome maturity – that is, on the specific business outcomes expected at different levels of capability maturity.

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