Chameleon, Change Agent, Hero, You!

February 2021 Webinar / Meeting

Learn how to become a chameleon, to take on the color and shape of your surroundings, and influence change from the inside to create outcomes that matter.

In this hands-on event we explore and capture ways to overcome your change management challenges, with a particular focus on engaging and creating opportunities for your change sponsor and practitioners to shine.

Chameleon Change Agent Participant Sheet

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Matt Craig is a Principal with LeadingAgile, helping clients create the conditions that enable them to achieve their most important outcomes. Matt is an award-winning inspirational leader who has engaged with audiences and teams around the globe to build awareness and skills for transformative change. An advocate of systems and the people that make them work better, Matt facilitates pragmatic adoption of effective approaches and he enjoys the challenge of orchestrating related domains to produce results that stick.

Matt has served in volunteer leadership positions with Pittsburgh PMI, the National MS Society, YMCA, and the Innovation Value Institute. He currently serves as a founder of Pittsburgh Change Management Professionals, a non-profit group dedicated to advancing the practice and impact of great change leadership.

Matt Craig
Matt Craig

This was directly applicable to an initiative we’ve started. I can see clearly where the PMO can support the initiative to give it more structure/measurement/time-line etc. Thank you!”

“Thank you for all the effort and keeping us engaged! It was really interesting and informative. Enjoy all that maple syrup!”

“Great tie in to Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall, etc. methods to get projects/ work done”

“Matt – Excellent material and presentation. ┬áThank you very much!”

“Great Presentation!”

“Excellent topic”

“Thank you!”

Agents and supports for positive change within our organizations, our communities, and the world.

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