Building Your Leadership Brand and Credibility as a Change Leader with Leanne Meyer

Change Challenges

The past year will forever be associated with crises. Our lives have been reshaped in ways we perhaps don’t fully understand. At the same time, upheaval can create new ways of understanding ourselves and the opportunities at hand.


In this session, we create the space for you to reflect on who you are becoming as a change leader. You will learn techniques for identifying what differentiates you and your unique value proposition from others. What are the special skills and experience you bring to the table? How do you want to be known moving forward?


Armed with these insights, we will identify best practice strategies for building credibility for yourself to better influence and inspire those in your sphere.  An essential skill for the advancement of your career and the ability to create the change you envisage.


Brief bio: 

Leanne MeyerLeanne Meyer is the Executive Director of the Accelerate Leadership Center at the Tepper School of Business and Program Director of the Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women.

Leanne’s work focuses on assisting leaders navigate critical inflection points where many have outgrown their professional identity and, given the demands and responsibility of their roles, need to change their perspectives regarding what is important and accordingly, how they spend their time and what new skill sets and behaviors they develop.

Leanne’s calling is to help leaders make sense of their lives through the reclamation of passion and purpose.

Leanne Meyer

This was directly applicable to an initiative we’ve started. I can see clearly where the PMO can support the initiative to give it more structure/measurement/time-line etc. Thank you!”

“Thank you for all the effort and keeping us engaged! It was really interesting and informative. Enjoy all that maple syrup!”

“Great tie in to Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall, etc. methods to get projects/ work done”

“Matt – Excellent material and presentation.  Thank you very much!”

“Great Presentation!”

“Excellent topic”

“Thank you!”

Agents and supports for positive change within our organizations, our communities, and the world.

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