North Park Gathering

Thank you to everyone who joined us on July 19 for our very first in-person gathering, held at Superior Pavilion in North Park. It was great to meet you in person, learn more about you and talk about the future of the Pittsburgh Change Management Professionals organization. We’re looking forward to hosting in-person events in the Fall, dependent of course on CDC guidance.

We are currently accepting speaker applications for our Fall lineup. If you’re interested in speaking at one of our upcoming events, please complete the Speaker Application Form. See you all again soon!

This was directly applicable to an initiative we’ve started. I can see clearly where the PMO can support the initiative to give it more structure/measurement/time-line etc. Thank you!”

“Thank you for all the effort and keeping us engaged! It was really interesting and informative. Enjoy all that maple syrup!”

“Great tie in to Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall, etc. methods to get projects/ work done”

“Matt – Excellent material and presentation.  Thank you very much!”

“Great Presentation!”

“Excellent topic”

“Thank you!”

Agents and supports for positive change within our organizations, our communities, and the world.

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