PITCMP Change Leadership: Neuroscience & How to Cultivate Secure, Resilient Teams Amid Big Change

Leading change is one of the most noble, difficult, and rewarding things a person can do; and relationships are the key to everything. Psychologist John Bowlby’s attachment theory states humans fail to thrive without a secure relationship. More recently, neurobiologists like James Coan have demonstrated we have a higher tolerance for pain and stress in the presence of a trusted partner. The implications of these findings are immense, and the skills related to creating security in others are teachable. These findings are brought to the forefront of discussions around how organizations lead change. In this session, Brandee Abel and Dustin Shell from TiER1 Performance share insights and tactical moves for sponsors and change leaders to achieve desired outcomes through secure relationships.

This was directly applicable to an initiative we’ve started. I can see clearly where the PMO can support the initiative to give it more structure/measurement/time-line etc. Thank you!”

“Thank you for all the effort and keeping us engaged! It was really interesting and informative. Enjoy all that maple syrup!”

“Great tie in to Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall, etc. methods to get projects/ work done”

“Matt – Excellent material and presentation.  Thank you very much!”

“Great Presentation!”

“Excellent topic”

“Thank you!”

Agents and supports for positive change within our organizations, our communities, and the world.

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