You’re an agent of change, striving to make a positive difference in the world around you. You are willing to connect with other professionals, to build a network of support and expertise and together overcome the many challenges to creating lasting change.

Which of the following closest reflects your role in the world of change management?

Dedicated Change Professional

An experienced practitioner responsible for helping organizations deliver on the promise and vision of changes that will create higher performance, better teamwork, improved speed, quality, adaptability, or some other defined business outcome. You have experienced the highs and lows of working through change challenges, you’re motivated and willing to learn more, and also to share your experience with others.

You might associate with roles like Change Consultant, Change Professional, Organizational Development Practitioner, Improvement Specialist, Organizational Psychologist, Change Lead(er), Director / VP of Adoption / Readiness, Culture Strategist, …

Professional Who Sees the Benefits of Effective OCM

Change Management (or OCM) is not the keystone competency for your role, but you recognize the need to effectively lead or participate in organizational change so that you and your profession can create greater impact. You may be striving to improve standards of practice, implement new products or services, or a host of other activities that encompass people, process, and organizational change.

Executive Leader, Change Sponsor

You are accountable to deliver improved business performance. You have the authority and the drive to dedicate your vision, attention, resources, and commitment towards a future goal for your organization. You intend to learn and apply all that you can as an executive leader to avoid the challenging statistics of change failure.

Student of Change

You’re here to learn as a young professional or are seeking to expand and supplement your existing toolkit. You have some awareness of change management, and would like to learn more, from the basics to more advanced topics.