Unlocking Value at the Intersection of Change and Project Management

Managing projects that impact people can be tough work, and how many projects have you managed that don’t impact people? The world of people and change can be sticky, messy, opinionated, noisy, quiet, overbearing, missing in action, surprising, frustrating, and even hugely rewarding. In this collaboration session between Pittsburgh PMI and Pittsburgh Change Management Professionals we explored the characteristics of organizational change management, and

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PITCMP Change Leadership: Neuroscience & How to Cultivate Secure, Resilient Teams Amid Big Change

Leading change is one of the most noble, difficult, and rewarding things a person can do; and relationships are the key to everything. Psychologist John Bowlby’s attachment theory states humans fail to thrive without a secure relationship. More recently, neurobiologists like James Coan have demonstrated we have a higher tolerance for pain and stress in the presence of a trusted

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North Park Gathering

Thank you to everyone who joined us on July 19 for our very first in-person gathering, held at Superior Pavilion in North Park. It was great to meet you in person, learn more about you and talk about the future of the Pittsburgh Change Management Professionals organization. We’re looking forward to hosting in-person events in the Fall, dependent of course

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Chameleon, Change Agent, Hero, You!

February 2021 Webinar / Meeting Learn how to become a chameleon, to take on the color and shape of your surroundings, and influence change from the inside to create outcomes that matter. In this hands-on event we explore and capture ways to overcome your change management challenges, with a particular focus on engaging and creating opportunities for your change sponsor

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Tim Kuppler

Effectively Navigating and Evolving Culture through Change Management with Tim Kuppler

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkyCctRpZ2A This monthly speaker series was held on Wednesday, December 16th The distinguishing feature of leading organizations is their culture—and developing Constructive leaders and teams is essential to strengthening any organization’s culture for business success.  The current culture of an organization is often a barrier to effective change management. Join us and discover a globally recognized approach to link culture to

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Leading from a Distance with Richard Hadden

Monthly speaker series and community meeting – October 21, 2020 While the fundamentals of leadership have NOT changed, the context in which leaders practice those fundamentals HAS. Compared to practicing leadership in a traditional setting, leading from a distance carries its own special set of challenges. While people still need, among other things, vision, feedback, performance management, recognition, and community…

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